Rumorville:  The hormone injections for Lulu, as mentioned previously, will have a big impact on her and Dante's marriage.

Kiki comes across Michael and Rosalie in a compromising situation.

Nina is the she-devil whispering in Franco's ear.

Franco shocks Carly with a marriage proposal.

Not surprisingly, Alexis is unable to resist Julian's pull, and the two start seeing each other again on the sly.

Likewise, Nikolas is unwilling to let go of Liz.

As Patrick and Sam investigate Luke/Fluke, Patrick receives a message from Robin.

Morgan's future is on Carly's mind.

NUJason returns to Port Charles before Robin does.

NUJason has been "programmed" by Victor. A single word may hold the key. (As mentioned previously, it still looks like no one will realize who NUJason is until Robin returns to Port Charles, and even that may not be immediate due to the alterations in his appearance, but figure it out she will.).

It still looks like Maxie and Nathan team up to recover the Aztec jewels.

Ava's baby is in peril as both Nina and Sabrina plot for revenge.  On top of that, Carlos plots his own revenge against Ava (could this lead to Carlos' ultimate downfall?).

Carly and Franco's relationship implodes.

Julian doesn't want NUJason anywhere near Sam.

Victor appears to meet his maker, courtesy of Dr. Obrecht.

The Jeromes may want to watch their backs when Fluke returns, he is NOT happy.

Who will be the first to encounter the real Luke? Robin?

Frank Valentini tweeted a pic of Anders Hove enjoying his summer in Amsterdam. Is this a hint Cesar Faison may return yet again?