Rumorville:  So far the following characters have begun rehearsing for the Nurses Ball: Milo, Sam, Dr. Obrecht, Molly, TJ, Epiphany, Liz, Lucas, Lulu, Maxie, Nathan, Michael, and Kiki.

Ned overhears a phone conversation between "Luke" and someone we don't see:  Hello beautiful. Spencer has been taken care of, Sonny will pay for what he did to me and for what he did to your family; using Tracy is just a bonus. After what she did to my sister (likely reference to Jenny), she deserves everything she gets. (It is possible the person he is talking to is Julia Barrett).

After learning of Noah's breakup with Bobbie, Lucy tries to match Scott up with Bobbie.

Christina tells Serena that Lucy is having an affair, who in turn, lashes out at Scott.  Christina is nasty to Lucy.
Christina calls her boyfriend and tells him to come to Port Charles.

Scott resents Kevin for having both Lucy and the loyalty of his daughter.

Christina comes up with her scheme and sets Scott up, accusing him of making a pass at her.  Franco and Carly believe him, but not everyone does. Things go from bad to worse.  Felicia rips into Scott.

Christina and her boyfriend take off.  Eventually the boyfriend is caught, and Scott makes a deal with him that he will let him go because he doesn't want Christina to be alone on the streets and Scott has no idea where she is.  Looks like, as a way of holding on to Christina, Scott may allow her boyfriend to move in with him.

Apparently, somehow Victor and Madeline help Dr. Obrecht avoid jail time for the kidnapping of Ben.

Nikolas may be torn between his feelings for both Britt and Liz for a while. Meanwhile, Ric will continue to use this to make headway with Liz, and Liz is now torn between Ric and Nikolas.

Dr. Obrecht is not particularly enthusiastic about the idea of Helena being unfrozen. She doesn't want Helena to find out she broke her promise. (See our March 25th Rumorville item for more background). Victor, on the other hand, will be quite pleased about having another family member...Kailey. Victor wants Dr. Obrecht to bring him to Kailey.

When Kailey shows up in Port Charles, Dr. Obrect will try to hide her, but Kailey doesn't stay put.

Britt is curious about the new girl when she sees her with her mother; Dr. Obrecht lies and says she is a patient.
Britt overhears Dr. Obrecht, Victor, and Kailey discussing two people (looks like Katherine Bell and Stefan).

Duke decides to leave the mob.
The child that Anna takes in gets injured and ends up in the hospital. This will bring Anna and Duke closer together.  Anna worries Faison has a hand in what is going on.

Desperate to get in Sonny's good graces, Ava makes a move on Sonny.

Morgan is crushed by what he sees, and soon after meets Serena.

Julian agrees to go after both Ava and Sonny.

Ava messes with Sonny's meds and his head.

Down the road...still hearing that Dillon Quartermaine will return this summer.