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Posted by ghhshirley on Sunday, September 30, 2012
Rumorville:  Once Edward's passing airs, expect control of ELQ to rise to the forefront.

ELQ's investment in pharmaceuticals may play into what happens next.

There could be a connection between Duke and A.J..

An unexpected returnee's quest may lead to ELQ as well.

We may see a Nurse's Ball yet....dedicated to Edward's memory, before the year is out...and maybe an appearance by Robin?

There are some rumors floating about that Jason Thompson's Patrick may make his exit with Robin around the holidays.

Jason and Sam are reunited as a family, albeit briefly, after he rescues her baby from perilous circumstances.

Tea and Sam share some special moments together as Tea gives up the son she believed to be hers.

Sonny may decide to leave the mob after Jason's presumed death.  His choice for the heir to his organization is surprising.

With Jason gone, Spinelli may find himself involved with ELQ. as well as his new gal pal, Ellie, among others.

Shawn may find himself with a new gig, one utilizing his brawn and his brain.

Joe may soon be history, but if so, don't expect Tracy may have a new man on the horizon, but not necessarily romantic.

The new cop mentioned on our News Page draws both John McBain and Sam into his case.

Sabrina has a yet to be revealed connection to someone in Port Charles.

Steve's actions towards his mother may be
reminicent of his past.

Todd may find himself in all kinds of trouble thanks to Tea's wrath.

As with everything in Rumorville...Believe it...or not!

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