Rumorville:  Dante finds himself in a déjà vu situation in the aftermath of the shooting.  Will he make a different choice this time?

Lulu finds herself attracted to the new detective in town.

Dr. Obrecht blackmails Britt into getting her released from jail and taken to GH.  Dr. Obrecht will continue to insist she have contact with Faison. Events may lead to a hospital lock down. It looks likes Dr. Obrecht remains bent on revenge against Anna.

Julian receives calls and demands from a a mystery someone, possibly his boss.

We will learn the real reason that Connie was murdered.  Kiki, Michael and Franco may possibly be involved in uncovering the truth.

Kailey Cassadine appears in early 2014. Spencer will be the first person to see her.

Someone is watching Nikolas.

Victor Cassadine's re-emergence could put Nik's inheritance and status as head of the Cassadine family into question.  The question is, is Victor telling the truth?

Julian learns that Lucas is his son in January.

Both Robin and Patrick will end up keeping secrets from each other in an effort to protect their family and others.