Rumorville:  Apparently, Madeline agrees to help Nina kidnap Ava's baby.

Joss requests Spencer's assistance in helping her avoid her mother's wedding. At the same time, they scheme to break up Emma and Cameron.

Looks like the answer to the question (in the header of this Rumorville post) at Franco and Carly's wedding, will be a big fat NO!  Franco plays the video of Sonny and Carly, where they discussed having sex and Sonny admitted to having shot AJ.  All hell breaks lose.

Michael seeks out Sonny to confront him, when he does he finds Sonny, he has a gun trained on Ava. Michael pulls out a gun of his own?

Meanwhile Anna and Dante learn the truth about Sonny having shot AJ. Dante gets to Sonny's just in time to stop Michael from shooting Sonny.  It appears that both Sonny and Ava will be arrested.

Sam shares worrisome news with Patrick.

Next time we see Faison he will be wearing a green jumpsuit, he is not where Anna thinks he is.

Sam interacts with Faison, she wants payback for him killing Jason.

Will Nikolas' darker Cassadine side come out yet again when he learns about Britt's actions?

Britt may get a helping hand from a surprising source to cover her misdeeds....Faison.

Kate Hall, a writer for GH, Kate tweeted that Christmas is going to be be epic.