Rumorville:  Supposedly, someone is replicating Mikkos Cassadine's artificial diamonds. Whoever is replicating the diamonds is up to no good.

Looks like the WSB or a similar organization recruits Victor Cassadine from prison, who in turn enlists Robin to trace the chemical signature of a formula (perhaps for manufacturing the diamonds or perhaps for something else) which has been encoded into works of art...Franco's.

Does the character that Shirley Jones is playing have a Cassadine connection, a WSB-type connection...or both?

Much of Franco's early work is now in private collections. Apparently, one of those early pieces has been hanging over Nina's bed all these years...

It seems that Jerry Jacks will be returning for another arc at some point down the road.

Sabrina may agree to Carlos' plan that they move to Puerto Rico, but something may stop them.

Robin may run interference to keep Sonny from making a deadly move. (Once again, this intended move could involve taking out Carlos).

Sabrina may be kidnapped during the time Teresa Castillo takes her maternity leave (spring/summer).