Rumorville:  Epiphany accepts when Milo asks her out on a date.

A kiss between Nik and Britt; Britt thinks she is gaining the upper hand.

Looks like Sam and Patrick may cross the line after enjoying dinner together, and kiss. (That said, it is not expected to be long term. Let us not forget he is keeping a big secret from her.)

Emma worries that something is wrong with her mother.

Is Michael getting closer to what Sonny and Carly have been hiding from him?

Like father, like son: Is the devious Levi the son of the devious Jerry Jacks?

When Jason escapes, Victor loses it.

Victor attempts to get closer to his son, Nathan.

Fluke has his sights set on getting rid of Julian.

Julian, still wanting a future with Alexis, makes a move against Fluke.

Liz takes care of Danny when an emergency comes up.

Who is the stranger that Liz and Danny encounter?

Word is that Billy Miller signed a multi-year contract with yearly outs.

Kimberly McCullough will be heavily recurring for a while.