Rumorville:  The identity of Jake will not be revealed to the citizens of Port Charles until after the ID of Fluke is revealed to all (think February sweeps for Fluke reveal).

Maxie may have second thoughts about visiting her daughter after so much time has passed.

Try as she might, Sam will not be able to prove that Jake was the man her held her hostage (at least, not any time soon.)

Jake decides to take Patrick's advice regarding seeing a shrink.

Looks like Helena has another task for Jake, and it could involve the Quartermaines.

Helena will continue to use Robin as a means to her own ends.

A despondent Jake kisses...Carly, or vice-versa?

Was Ava pounding on Nina that she has lost all her chances to ever be a mother, an anvil? Is it possible that Nina has an adult child, a son, who may make an appearance down the road?

Will Olivia face "unexpected" consequences from her New Year's Eve one night stand with Julian?

Like everything in Rumorville...believe it...or not.