Rumorville:  Word is that Heather Webber, not Franco, sent the DVD to Jason. Also, Heather may have been the one to start the fire in Franco's art studio after Jason shot him.

The buzz is that Heather sold Franco to the woman who raised him. But the question now is, could Franco have been Jason's twin or, was Franco, Heather's own son? (Mother and son sociopaths?)

Speaking of which, Heather may have Steve wondering if he is more like her than his father, Jeff Webber.

Meanwhile, there may be some kind of connection between Heather and Helena. It seems that Heather may have encountered Ewen previously at Shadybrooke, and Helena has something over Ewen.

On an unrelated note, it seems that
Johnny "sleeps with Kate"; Carly finds out and fills in Sonny. You can imagine Sonny's reaction.