Rumorville:  Liz confronts Brad for confirmation of what she read in Britt's letter.

When the truth comes out that Ben is BOTH Lulu and Dante's daughter, Britt tells Nikolas that she had no idea and that her mother was responsible.  Dr. Obrecht may accept the blame in order to protect Britt and resigns as Chief of Staff. (It is likely that Patrick will become COS).

Ben will be returned to Lulu and Dante.

Spencer is behind Cameron's disappearance.

Duke confesses to Anna that he made up the Sonny's alibi.

Sonny is arrested, how will Michael deal with the truth?

Sabrina leaves for Puerto Rico for an extended visit after a call from Juan (the actress' maternity leave).

If "Luke" is Bill Eckert, as many are speculating, where is the real Luke?

Both Felicia and Bobbie urge Scott to keep his distance from Lucy.

Serena learns of Scott's dirty dealings with the Jerome's (possibly from Morgan), and uses it against him.