Rumorville:  Tracy and AJ agree to underwrite the Nurse's Ball.

Sabrina and Felix find themselves in competition for the same position.

AJ goes full Q in the best of scheming traditions. With some outside help, he tries to bring ELQ to its knees, setting himself up to save the company from ruin.

Connie pushes Johnny to his limits and he strikes out in a deadly way.

Kate makes a brief appearance but Connie is soon back in control when Kate realizes what Trey has done for her, and the price he paid.

Todd loses everyone when the truth about his knowing of Johnny's involvement in the death of Cole and Hope comes to light, thanks to Johnny's confession surrounding the accident. Johnny comes clean to the murder of his grandfather, Anthony, as well. Michael is there for Carly in the aftermath. Starr takes the truth about her father's deception hard.

Alexis learns of Shawn's latest job for Sonny. But there is more to the story concerning Shawn.

We see a new side to Ellie when she believes she is losing Spinelli to Maxie. How will this affect Dante and Lulu's surrogacy plans?