Rumorville:  Michael's request of Sonny is that he pleads guilty to killing AJ.

Michael seeks out Sabrina's assistance to see that Carlos is freed.  After he is released, Sabrina and Carlos grow much closer.

Cameron confides in Jake regarding his feelings about Lucky, and his late brother.

Liz and Jake run into Patrick, Emma, Sam and Danny (most likely at Kelly's).

Danny pitches a fit when he has to leave Jake's presence.

Julian comes clean about some things to Alexis, but not others. This will be an issue when Ric returns.

TJ does not react well to learning the truth about his father.

Kiki wonders if she should tell Silas that Ava killed Connie.

Ava recalls Kiki's childhood in conversations with her mother, Delia.

Silas admits he harbored dreams of having a family with Sam.

How far will Silas have to go to help Ava get her baby back? Will he end up risking his life?

As Nina's erratic behavior continues, Franco considers whether to turn her in so she can get the help she needs.

Molly does some investigation into her father's "death".

Someone observes Fluke conducting a "business deal" on the waterfront.

Helena contacts...Ava?

As his claustrophobia overwhelms Sonny, he turns to "Jason" (delusion).

Liz and Nik both worry for each other regarding the people in their lives (Britt/Jake).

Nik seeks out Liz' advice regarding Britt, after Spencer spills a secret. Is Britt's comeuppance finally on its way?

Faison and Helena discuss their next step (it involves Jason, among other things).

Faison blackmails both his daughter and Dr. Obrecht.

Sam and Patrick move on, believing that the case of who set up the accident that killed Gabriel, has been solved.

Sonny get a surprising ally in prison during a tense situation...Johnny Z. (who initially taunts him).

More to come regarding Nathan's father. Is it really Victor, as Dr. Obrecht says, or does Madeline know the truth?

Did Sonny really kill AJ...or did a member of the Cartel finish him off?

Looks like Maurice Benard (Sonny) has signed a new contract, but he could be offscreen for a few months early next year.  Time will tell.