Rumorville: Franco is unable (perhaps in no condition) to save Danny. 

Sam becomes desperate to save Danny. 

Laura finds Luke in some interesting company.

Maxie goes into labor at a very inconvenient time.

Lulu and Dante take "their" new daughter home.
Lucy, Kevin, Mac, and Felicia have a little pre-wedding fun.
Luke makes a deal with the devil.
Michael gets an unwelcome shock from someone.
Ava's backup arrives in Port Charles.
Someone surprising is helping Luke.
Laura is reunited with someone from the past.
Alexis sees a face she could never forget.
Taylor is determined to hold on to TJ. 
Taylor and Rafe both want to keep TJ and Molly apart. 

Lucy tells Kevin she'll go to Seattle herself if he doesn't tell her whats going on.
Derek Wells is a fake name.
Ava starts to crumble.
Kiki has news for Morgan.
Sabrina vs. Britt reaches a boiling point.
Dr. Orbrecht tells Britt that their plan is almost ready for it's grand finale.
Someone shows up to visit Felix and Taylor (think parent, as rumored previously).
Connie becomes unhinged, but she's not wrong with what she's trying to tell people.
Sabrina, Ellie, and Connie have targets on their backs.
Scott tells Lucy that Laura has run off after Luke and that history is going to repeat itself all over again.
Elizabeth and AJ's relationship is stronger than ever but trouble looms.