Rumorville:  AJ begins to crumble under the stress of keeping his and Carly's sex a secret
AJ and Nikolas continue to vie for Elizabeth's attention
Nikolas will stop at nothing to prove to Elizabeth that AJ is nothing but bad news.

Kevin tells a mystery person over the phone (Christina) that he loves her and that he'll see her very soon; he promises not to tell Lucy about the call or their visit.
A mystery person looks at a picture of Lucy and Kevin while reading news articles about Lucy on the internet (most likely one of their daughters).
Lucy won't rest till she knows what Kevin is hiding.
Lucy decides she wants to reconnect with her daughters.

Tracy is by Luke's side during a dark time.

Alexis has an unpleasant and unexpected reaction to the name Jerome.

How will Duke react to Ava? (Word is that Maura West is now on contract).

Lots of scenes with Olivia and Sonny coming up. How will Connie feel about that?

Laura Wright has been taping quite a bit with Roger Howarth.

Sam prepares to fight for Rafe.

A crisis (Danny's illness) brings Sam and Alexis closer.

TJ gets an ally and partner.

Anna gets a new ward (Tiffany and Sean's daughter?)

Lulu might not want her old life back.
Dante won't give up on Lulu so easily.

Patrick's feelings for Britt start to soften. Where will this leave Sabrina?
Will Britt's mother, Dr. Lisa Orbrecht, become a threat to Sabrina?

Will Scotty find himself in a spot of trouble?

Who really donated that anonymous check to the Nurse's Ball?

Lots of rumors swirling that Bradford Anderson has chosen to go on a month to month contract, rather than re-sign a long term contract.

Nelson Branco is reporting, "Due to changes in production beyond our control, FX Canada will no longer be airing AMC and OLTL."