Rumorville:  GH has a casting call out for a male, "Jake",  mid-30's. In the audition script he is conversing with a woman he obviously has a romantic past with, at the Metro Court. Apparently the male character is returning after leaving without an explanation; he made promises he couldn't keep...left "after he got the call".  Even though it seems to be "too late" for them, she wants an explanation. 

Despite Sabrina's outward appearance, she may not be as stable as she seems.

Does Sabrina learn about Ava's previous threat towards her, via Carlos?

What happens if Sabrina learns that it was Victor who hired Rafe. Will she take her revenge out on Robin? 

Could Levi be working for...Victor?

After Ava changes her mind about killing Michael, Fluke presses Julian to do the dirty deed.

Will Silas agree to Nina's desire to make love/ have a baby?  What will Nina do when she is told she is in perimenopause?  Ava had better watch her back.