Rumorville:  It seems there is a new character coming to GH, Cailey Cassadine, blonde, female 14-15 years old.

Keep in mind when reading this audition script that "Abigail" is Christina (Lucy and Kevin's adopted daughter) and that Kailey, is Cailey Cassadine, supposedly the daughter of Stefan Cassadine. There is some speculation that her mother was Katherine Bell.  Don't ask how that happened. 
Just for your information,  back in the 90's Luke and Lucy owned a Blues Club together.

Part 1-

Kailey: Hey
Abigail: Hey. I was wondering if you'd show up.
Kailey: is it safe?
Abigail: It's safe. I checked and there's nobody around. Port Charles is pretty dead this time a day anyway.
Kailey: Yeah, I've noticed. Did you work on what we talked about?
Abigail: Well of course. I said I would didn't I?
Kailey: I'm sorry. I'm leery of people sometimes and we just met. I didn't know if you actually be able to find anything out anyway.
Abigail: I said I'd help you and I will. I know what's its like to be separated from your parents and having a million questions.
Kailey: Thanks. So what have you found out?

Part 2:
Abigail: I asked my mom about your parents and -
Kailey: What'd she say?
Abigail: I really don't think your mom and my mom liked each other at all.
Kailey: Oh.
Abigail: She started going on and on about she tied to take money from people and that she never saw a man she didn't like. She said just ask the Quartermaines and Scott Baldwin. I did manage to get something for you though. (Abigail gives Kailey a photo) it's your mom with my mom.
Kailey: Oh my god Abigail. That's definitely her, or at least it is judging by the only other photo I have of her. Can I keep it?
Abigail: Yeah go ahead.
Kailey: Thanks. So did you find out anything else? Did you ask about my father?
Abigail: I asked her but she went off on a tangent about something involving him and my dad before I was ever even born. I think she started to get suspicious so I quit.

Part 3:
Kailey: So I was right. Your parents definitely knew my parents.
Abigail: It seems like it.
Kailey: Your mom said to ask the Quartermaines and who?
Abigail: Ugh. This guy named Scott Baldwin. He's the new district attorney. You're better off asking the Quartermaines than him. I don't know how he would know about your mother but whatever it is, it's probably nothing good. Plus, he's super suspicious about everything and would wonder why you were asking.
Kailey: I'll have to add them to my list to research. What do you know about Luke Spencer?
Abigail: Luke Spencer? Not much. He's a friend of my mom's. they used to own a club together like a million yeaes ago. My dad doesn't like him very much. Why do you want to know about Luke Spencer?
Kailey: I think he killed my father.

Part 4-
Abigail: Wait. What? Luke Spencer killed your father?
Kailey: I think so. When I found out their names, I started researching them like I told you. The first thing that came up for my father was an article from Port Charles about his death. It said he was in struggle with Luke Spencer and died. Luke was arrested but then was cleared somehow. After I started digging, I realized that Luke and my father go back a long way and that most of the action was centered around Port Charles. That's why I came here.
Abigail: Okay, so other than your own research and what I've told you, what else do you have?
Kailey: Just my birth certificate that was left with me when I got left me at the home, one photo that was left, and an anonymous letter that was sent to the boarding school I was at with a check to cover my room and schooling. That's all

Part 5-

Abigail: That's all?
Kailey: That's all. As soon as I got my hands on the birth certificate, I started researching. Nobody has ever told me anything except that my whole family was dead and that there was no one but an aunt who lived in the states. I didn't even know my parents name or where I was born. All there was was the picture.
Abigail: Well, how did you get from Switzerland to Greece to here? I mean Europe is huge Kailey and hard to get around by yourself. I used to live there to when I was a kid.
Kailey: The birth certificate said I was born September 9th, 1998 in Greece. As soon I could, I took everything I had and all the money and split. I took the train to Greece to see if I could get some answers but I came up at a dead end. That's when came here.
Abigail: I just had a brilliant idea. Can you meet me later?
Kailey: of course. I have all the time in the world.
Abigail: Meet me back here at midnight. You said you thought your dad worked at General Hospital right?
Kailey: Yeah.
Abigail: My dad's a doctor there and we can get on his computer and look for info. Nobody will be suspicious of me going up there. Ill just say I'm getting something for my dad.
Kailey: We can use the computers there?
Abigail: Well, I know his password. It's my mom's name and my name. It's worth a shot. Meet me back here and we'll see what we can find out.


Word is that Helena wanted Dr. Obrecht to finish off Stefan (assuming he was not really dead or was revived after Luke danced on his grave), but Dr. Obrecht did not follow through, and he may show up down the road.

There are also some rumors Maya Ward may return. No word on if it will be the same or a new actress in the role.

It looks like they are presently casting for Lucas Spencer.