Rumorville:  Apparently GH is casting the recurring role of Javier, who is hispanic, early 30's, sexy intense, dangerous and charasmatic.  (It is said to be short term, 2 to 4 weeks, at least for now.)

In other news, rumors continue that General Hospital may be on the chopping block for the fall of 2012. The only thing that seems certain is that a decision will be made either way by February of 2012.  Meanwhile, GH is facing some deep budget cuts.

NOW is the time to get involved!  See our Save Our Soaps page.
  Even if ABC does dump GH, there is a movement underway to get our soaps seen in other venues.  Check that page frequently for updates and DO YOUR PART!  For starters, boycott ALL ABC programming, day and night, EXCEPT for its three daytime soaps!