Rumorville: Word is that Carly Schroeder may be reprising the role of Serena Baldwin on GH.  We last saw Schroeder on GH in 2001.  Lucy Coe was her surrogate mother, having carried her for Scott Baldwin and his dying wife Domnique [Taub]. Several years later, on Port Charles, Lucy adopted her. Serena, the heiress to the massive Taub fortune, was said to be studying in Europe the last time she was mentioned on Port Charles.

Steve's demise could be a wet one.

There may be a tale of two possible Quartermaine heirs. 

Sam may be tied into a story involving Faison.

Expect the Spencer's to play front and center this summer into spring.

Maxie's past rivalry with Liz may rear its head.

Maxie's pregnancy with Spinelli's baby will impact her relationship with her parents, Felicia and Frisco.