Rumorville:  As we've previously reported (see two related articles below) , Couric is close to signing a $20 million deal with ABC for a daytime talk show as well as a significant role at ABC News.  Now, TMZ is speculating that Couric's one-hour syndicated show could possibly premiere in September 2012 in General Hospital's current time slot.  OR...that Couric could replace one of ABC's upcoming lifestyle shows,should either fail. Both shows are replacing ABC's axed soaps, AMC and OLTL.

However, an ABC insider tells TVGuide that a deal with Couric is not imminent and the network "still feels like an underdog" in the bidding war to land her. Couric is under contract until June 4 at CBS, which withdrew its own offer for her talk show earlier this week. But CBS still has the right to match whatever offer Couric receives until that date. An e-mail to Couric's rep was not immediately returned.

We have also heard (below) that ABC is eyeing Couric to fill the coveted Oprah time slot that currently is the lead-in to the evening news in most areas.