Rumorville:  Abby "betrays" Michael and Sonny.

Kate's confession shocks Alexis (Kate and Alexis have something in common. Supposedly, Kate had a child long ago that she did not raise--not Sonny's though. Grain of salt.)

Luke and Ethan observe a crime in progress.

Lucky confesses to Dante that he was harsh towards Liz because he fears his own desire to reunite as a family.

Jason and Shawn search for Franco. Carly questions Sam on what transpired with Franco. The entire episode will have a big effect upon Jason.

Why is Lisa Niles on the boat (with Anthony's men) where the celebration for Matt is being held?

After going overboard, Liz meets Ewen Keenan (NUDoc).

Sam learns she is pregnant shortly before the end of the year.