Rumorville:  It appears that Liz gets her job back at GH "thanks" to Britt, but Britt's motivations are far from pure.  (In all likelihood she is trying to score points with Nikolas as part of her and her mother's scheme for Britt to win Nikolas back).

What is the likelihood of Ava's pregnancy lasting with Nina bent on revenge?

Will Liz, or others, start to doubt her sanity? (ICDeadPerson)

It looks like a  wedding for Alexis and Julian, but not necessarily a marriage. (
Supposedly in October, though could be sooner.). A shocking return at the ceremony may have Alexis running for the hills.

There is a long list of people Jason will be angry with when he wakes up, some of it will be related to what happened to AJ (and those who kept things from Jason, covered up who killed AJ, or did not stand by AJ), some of it will have to do with ELQ, some of it about losing time with his son, and some of it related to and at Sam for moving on. Among those he directs his fury at will be Monica, Sonny, Carly, Liz and Michael.  He may even resent Robin for resurrecting him.