Rumorville:  A desperate Patrick prays to Robin to protect his new baby. How will Sabrina react?

Britt blames herself for her baby's situation and wants to confess the truth.

Heather is reunited with her beloved Franco.

Franco's reaction to Kiki's true paternity may be surprising.

Is Franco a new man?

Morgan seeks refuge in booze.

Penny is a mystery, not the least of which is why she is so interested in Michael (and who she may be connected to).

Sonny and AJ have an intense struggle, and a gunshot rings out..

Ethan Lovett returns.

Lucky sends a series of letters to Luke, Laura and Liz.

Alexis and Sam are surprised when Julian enthusiastically takes on the role of the doting father/grandfather.

Maxie goes on the run with her daughter.

Is there yet another Jerome out there (besides Julian, Ava and the thus far off-screen Lucas)?

Will there be more to come for Luke and Laura after their latest adventure, much to the consternation of Tracy and Scott?

Could Dr. Obrecht be related to Helena Cassadine?

Like everything in Rumorville...believe it...or not!