Rumorville:  After one woman goes on the run with baby Connie, a search of both will ensue.

Meanwhile, the truth about Britt's baby, Ben, really being the son of Lulu and Dante is revealed. It will be Nikolas who will finally talk Britt into returning the baby to his rightful parents. Nikolas will continue to support Britt against the judgement of the citizens of Port Charles.

Baby Connie is returned home.  Maxie is hopeful she can now be Connie's fulltime mother, believing all is resolved now that Lulu and Dante have their son. Not so fast, says Lulu!  Lulu wants her cake and to eat it too. She still wants Connie, and she wants revenge on Maxie as well.  Dante will eventually help Lulu see the light, comparing Britt/Ben/Lulu's situation to Lulu/Connie/Maxie.  All of this will take its toll on Lulu and she could end up in Shadybrook. (There are some vague rumors going around that the-powers-that-be may use this opportunity to recast the role of Lulu...stay tuned.)

After Robin returns home and gets reacquainted with family and friends, she and Patrick may decide to take that world-wide trip that had planned so long ago, along with Emma. If so, expect them to leave Port Charles near years end and return in early spring.