Rumorville:  An enraged Rafe attacks Molly.

Scott is arrested based on Christina's accusation.  Anna tells Kevin that the security guard saw Christy (Christina) on the security footage running out of Scott's hotel room, after someone reported yelling. Olivia apparently spotted Christy getting off the elevator, crying. Anna mentions to Kevin that Christy said it was the second time that Scott tried to come on to her. Kevin wonders why Christy was alone with Scott to begin with. Anna wonders if there is more to the story.

Trevor (see previous Rumorville item dated May 28) assures Christy  that now that Scott is in jail, he won't be a problem anymore. Christy is determined to ensure he stays there and away from her parents.

Britt takes advantage of a mystery (Kailey/Katarina) to get closer to Nikolas.

Maxie does not like Nathan's new friend (Ana Donely).  Nathan tries to reassure Maxie that Annie (Donely) doesn't know about her Georgie woes. She never brought it up.  But Maxie is convinced that Felicia probably told Annie's mother (Tiffany) since they are practically related. However, there may be one thing Annie tells Nathan about Maxie, that Maxie never did.

Tracy must deal with her past.

Franco and Spencer become best buds.

Down the road...

Spencer may finally reveal what he knows about Fake Luke.

As mentioned previously, Julian Barrett and other characters from a certain era will be seen again.

Danny has another health scare.  This may coincide with Jason's return.