Rumorville:  With the news that Tristan Rogers has been let go from The Young and The Restless (see our Y&R Spoiler page), there has been speculation that Genie Francis, whose character is deeply intertwined with Roger's, could soon make her exit as well.  The latest buzz on the net (take with a big grain of salt) is that one or both (most likely Genie) is in contact with GH to discuss a possible return. Thus far, she appears to be firmly entrenched at the Y&R.

It is looking more likely that we may meet the real Ronan O'Reilly (as previously rumored) and that he will be involved with Johnny Zacchara, among others.

John Ingle shared with a visitor to the set that he has heard that Dillon Quartermaine is returning at some point down the road.  The long-time rumor is that John-Paul Lavoisier of (Rex of OLTL) will play the part but so far no confirmation.