Rumorville:  Nikolas and Liz renew their friendship and share a close moment (one not without temptation).

Spencer is bound and determined to win Emma back. Ric uses Cameron's feelings for Emma and his animosity towards Spencer in enlisting him to drive a wedge between Nikolas and Liz.

Jordan has a history with drugs and dealing to pay for her habit.

Britt and Brad have a drunken pity party.

Nikolas comes to Britt's rescue in a bad situation. After they have a close moment, Britt is crushed when she overhears Liz and Nik making plans.

Emma and Spencer run away on an adventure to look for his Uncle Victor.

Tracy's wedding day will bring a reveal (but only to the viewers) that Luke is still at Miscavige with Heather (is Tracy marrying...Bill Eckert?).