Rumorville:  Knowing that Ava is to blame for what happened to AJ, Carly worries about Sonny as Ava gets her claws into him. She discusses the situation with Franco and Anna.

Alexis knows a secret about Luke.

Felicia tries to get Christina to open up to her, reminding her she has known her since she was a baby.

Christina's boyfriend Trevor tells Lucy that she is not the problem, Scott is.

In front of Scott, Kevin reminds Serena that Scott is her father, Serena points out that Kevin is too.

Madeline, Victor Cassadine and Dr. Obrecht huddle together to discuss their secrets. 

Madeline is worried what will happen if Silas finds out about Nina and her baby.

Dr. Obrecht worries about what they've been keeping from Helena about Stefan and his daughter, Kailey. 

Nik sees a young girl (most likely Kailey) with Dr. Obrecht and remarks to Britt she reminds him of someone from his past (Katherine Bell).

 A male teen overdoses with serious (possibly fatal) consequences, but did he do it to himself or have some help?

Looks like Ava will fake a pregnancy to cover her butt, but someone's anger could eventually lead to her downfall.  

Unconfirmed rumors continue to circulate that head writer Carlivati wants/has been waiting on Michelle Stafford to play the part of Nina.