Rumorville:  Will Franco and AJ strike a deal regarding ELQ?

An outsider wants AJ's voting proxy.

Tracy is blindsided.

Anna gives Patrick her blessing.

Michael and Morgan come to blows.

Ava and Scott find common ground.

Maxie panics when she overhears Lulu and Dante discussing legal action.

Olivia has harsh words for Liz.

After hearing Jason's friends and family reminisce on his birthday, Franco becomes determined to fill Jason's shoes with each one.

As Sonny deals with his grief and obsesses with revenge for Connie's murder, Julian proceeds with his plans to take over his territory and ELQ.

We may see Connie appear as a "ghost".

Will Dante and Lulu's baby, borne by Britt, be the bearer of the cure for Luke, Sean and Jerry?  Did Dr. Obrecht use the embryo as part of her experiments?  Is that why the baby is in medical trouble when he is born?

Could the search for a cure lead to Britt's redemption?

Still hearing that a baby is snatched.

What impact will Sabrina's family member, Carlos, (see previous News item) have on the canvas? Is he a good guy or a bad guy?