Rumorville: Duke accepts Tracy's offer; will Duke plays both sides?

Anna notices Duke's attentions are elsewhere.

Mac imbibes while wallowing over the possibility of losing Felicia.

Frisco and Felicia share a kiss.

Frisco orders Britt to seduce Mac.

Scott flashes back to Luke and Laura's wedding.

Alexis shares that she never knew the real name of Sam's father. He used an alias with her.

Natalie phones John to tell him that Liam saw that his Dad had been arrested on the news and is upset.

Alexis warns John that his new charges may very well have sank his custody bid.

Lulu has a dizzy spell.

Olivia's new vision unsettles Anna and Lucy.

The plans for the Nurse's Ball are derailed by an unexpected event; it is literally saved in the "Nik" of time when Nikolas Cassadine arrives.

Don't be surprised to see Brenda pop in for the Nurse's Ball action.

Word is that the role of Lulu has been cast.  Stay tuned....