Rumorville:  Britt makes a move to ensure that Sabrina flunks out of the nursing program.

AJ collapses. AJ has been drugged, but by whom?

Olivia has a vision of Steven swimming in a pool.

Lucy tries to convince Sam that she and Danny are in danger.

John is convinced that Lucy really believes he is Caleb.

Kevin explains the whole story of Lucy, "vampire slayer", to McBain. Kevin confirms he has a daughter Livvie (who was played by Kelly Monaco on Port Charles) who married Caleb Morley then disappeared. He explains that Lucy is carrying around a lot of guilt and stress and that her talk of vampires is a manifestation of that. 
Kevin decides to stick around to help Lucy recover.
John and Sam decide to investigate Livvie and Caleb and their disappearance.

Alexis suspects Shawn is homophobic after an encounter with Felix.

Tracy notices something odd about the Pickle Lila label.

Monica locates a locked box hidden at the Quartermaine mansion.

Johnny's office is vandalized.

Look for Laura to interact with Liz upon her return to Port Charles.

Don't be surprised to see another (short) visit from Brenda a bit further down the road.

Holly may show up as well, connected to Ethan's story.

Wild Rumor... Will GH go with an AJ and Carly pairing because of Prospect Park needing Todd?
Will John become Caleb or perhaps...a descendent of Caleb? Grain of salt, but anything is possible.