Rumorville:  Here is an excerpt from the audition script.  From the sounds of it, it looks like "Hannah" is Sam and the scene takes place in Kelly's.

Hannah:  So what brings you to Port Charles? Family?

Matthew:  Possibly. I've been here before but the older I get, the more I realize there are questions in my life that I'm lacking the answers to and the only place I'll seem to be able to get them is in Port Charles.

Hannah:  Ah. Another person searching through life looking for answers?

Matthew:  Well, I've suffered a lot of losses in my life and you know, I'd like to find some peace for once.

I can relate.

Oh, shoot. I've got to run. I've got an appointment with Dr. Quartermaine over at General Hospital.

Oh, are you a doctor?

I am. 
Maybe I'll see you around sometime...?

Regarding the script for Christina, it seems she is not happy being in Port Charles and resents having a mother with a reputation for being a kook.  (Lucy)