Rumorville:  Nikolas returns to Port Charles planning to surprise Laura and Lulu. Unfortunately, it  appears that he is in the wrong place at the wrong time... but is he really?  The injury he suffers may be no coincidence. Nikolas ends up in the hospital.

The shooting convinces Luke that Scotty isn't behind the fake Ice Princess gift  nor Lulu's disappearance.

Luke, Laura and Dante race off to locate Helena.

When they locate Helena they find her in bed with...Ethan Lovett!
Supposedly, this arrangement may have been Ethan's way to convince Helena not to kill him.

Helena swears she had nothing to do with Lulu's disappearance.  Ethan relates that he has not seen Lulu since he has been with Helena.  Could this be the one time Helena is truly innocent?

Like everything in Rumorville....believe it...or not.