Rumorville:  Although Dante learns he is the father of Ben quite soon, it may still be some time before Lulu learns that she is Ben's mother. As a result of believing she is still not a mother while her husband has fathered a child, Lulu may begin turn to Nathan more and more for support, much to Dante's distress. By the time Lulu learns she is Ben's mother, she may have already made a move that could destroy her marriage for good.

The "story" of how Britt ended up with Dante's sperm may have keep her in the clear, at least for the time being.

Dr. Obrecht may try to finagle her way back into Wyndemere, by threatening Britt to reveal the entire truth.

Robin, sworn to secrecy by Victor, announces to Patrick that him she can not accept Sabrina's baby in their lives. She says she is leaving Port Charles to take a job with the WSB. She leaves Anna with the same impression.

Needless to say, Sonny is not happy to see his half-brother, Ric, return.

As mentioned previously in Rumorville, Victor Cassadine may attempt to romance Lesley Webber.