Rumorville:  It is revealed that "Jake" has a chip in his brain that was implanted by the Cassadines.  He will undergo surgery for its removal. Supposedly, he remembers his identity as Jason just prior to being put under, but is unable to tell anyone. He does not retain that memory when he awakens. All he will know is that he remembered something about his identity before surgery, but not what.

Spinelli takes note when "Jake" says something that only Jason would say.

Spinelli is hired by Tracy to investigate Luke's childhood.

Expect to see Luke's childhood re-enacted onscreen. Actors are being cast to play what looks like the roles of his mother, his sister Patricia and, either or both young Luke and his father. In the audition scripts, father and his son are in a confrontation about the past, Patricia is taken to the hospital by her mother due to dizziness and her father finds out (speculation: was Patricia pregnant and if so, by who...daddy?), Patrica vows to protect her siblings after her mother has died.

It looks like Tony Geary's current storyline could lead to his exit from GH this April (GH's anniversary is April 1st). It is possible that either or both Nathan Parsons (Ethan) and Jonathan Jackson (Lucky) may make a brief return for this.