Rumorville: Will Jason have reason to believe that Sam is dead after an explosion?  Will this lead an empathetic Liz to have a change of heart about Jason having a relationship with his son?  (Either way it won't lead to a renewed romance between Liz and Jason.)

Jerry's deeds go unpunished to protect another.

Jerry may actually do one good deed--of sorts.

Ethan receives a visit from Helena,

Nikolas will learn of Rebecca's original reasons for coming to town, and dump her.

Lucky will begin to wonder about Nikolas and Liz.

Michael remembers Claudia telling her she was responsible for his shooting, but because of his guilt over the accident and subsequent loss of her baby, he has mixed feelings.

Andrea uses Alexis' situation to her advantage.

Michael may trade one family for another--a possible victory for the Q's? Or visa versa?