Rumorville:  Why did Ron Carlivati, head writer,  make a strange tweet referring to David Vickers- a character from both OLTL and AMC- as a dog? LOL, cause he certainly was!  Vickers was played by Tuc Watkins, who also appeared on GH as Pierce Dorman.

Robin Strausser (ex-Dorian, OLTL) was wondering if that might have something to do with Vicker's past in Turkish prisons (re: Duke?).  Speculation...or something more?

Duke becomes an important factor at ELQ.

What does Trey know, that Sonny doesn't?

Who tried to kill Heather?

Heather has more info for Anna.

Look for some interesting storylines and characters from both OLTL and GH, to tie together, possibly involving both "crazy" characters and "dead" ones.