Rumorville:  Most of this you should be already aware of from our previous Rumorville items, our Rumorville thread in our forum, our Spoilers-Coming Attractions, and our GH News page.

 Kailey:  16-17, friendly, curious, believed she was an orphan. (Daughter of Stefan Cassadine and Katherine Bell)

Serena:  mid 20's, man hungry, beautiful and vain. (Scott's daughter with his late wife, Dominique. Lucy was their surrogate.)

Serena's former boyfriend:  European, mid 20's (limited appearance)

Christina:  15-16, spoiled trouble maker. (Adopted daughter of Kevin and Lucy)

Christina's boyfriend: 17/18, orphan, street-wise.

Female, possibly the child of Anna's old friends: early 20's blonde or redhead. Spunky, adventurous, and talkative. Somewhat unnerved by recent events. (Could be recast Ana Donely)

(Most likely) Nina:  mid-40's, delicate yet strong and beautiful, seeking answers.

(Most likely) Nina's son:  19-20  Brunette. Mysterious, brooding, and a loner. Doesn't know his family history.

NuJosslyn: 7-8  Sweet, spunky. Loves her mom but not her moms new boyfriend (Franco).

Mexican/Hispanic female: mid 30's. Has ambitions of becoming a doctor. Paid companion to Christina, friend of Serena, (most likely) Josslyn's future nanny. (Sofia)

There are some rumors floating around that Jax may make an appearance.