Rumorville:  Britt tries to rebuild her life, the question will be if Nikolas is ready to move on from her.

Morgan and Serena have a one night stand which is likely to lead to much more.

Looks like "Luke" will performing at the Nurses Ball this year (a solo number); Ned will be performing as well, Sam is doing a couples dance (it may be with a non-GH actor), Kiki singing, Emma dances The Tango with Cam. (Word is to expect Spencer Cassadine as well).

Group dance numbers (other than intro): "Raise Your Glass", "Just Can't Get Enough", "Broken Hearted".

Despite Ned's misgivings, Tracy goes ahead with her wedding to "Luke". Ned begins to investigate to see if Bill Eckert is really dead.

Looks like Paul Hornsby will be showing up. He will be involved in scenes surrounding "Luke" and most likely Jenny Eckert and Julia Barrett as well.

Sabrina decides to leave town and head to Puerto Rico, convinced that Patrick is not interested in their child. (She will be back.)

Liz will get some sweet loving on the night of the Nurses Ball. Who is the fortunate man?

Ava and Sonny begin to bond. Look for them to make love in May.

Looks like "Luke" makes a move that could put Sonny in a coma; and Julian will stand accused.

With Sonny out of commission, Ava will take over the reins of his organization. Don't look for her and Julian to be on the same side.

Patrick is devastated when he receives a message from Robin.

Robin has information for Anna who in turn will leave town to help someone she cares about who is in trouble (possibly Robert).

(Both Maurice Benard and Finola Hughes are said to be taking some time off from GH this summer.)

The UNfrozen will begin to slowly return, among them Helena Cassadine who will set about causing problems. 

There is a recast on the way with a known (and well liked) actor (most likely the character of Jason Morgan).

When Jason returns, he will be colder and more lethal.

The issue of bone marrow for Danny may be revisited.