Rumorville:  It's possible.  Apparently there is a casting call out for someone who fits Brenda's
description, for one day only, at the end of Franco's storyline...  There are also rumors that Brenda may be part of a fall storyline Guza has in the works.

Sam finds a beaten Jason in isolation.

Carter taunts Jason by saying/insinuating that he raped/will rape Michael.
Jason's reaction could prove lethal.

Dante has some serious doubts when Lulu claims that Brook Lynn is playing games.

Johnny kisses Kristina.

Alexis is furious with Johnny, Ethan and Sonny, blaming them for involving Kristina in their lethal games.

Olivia covers for Sonny, infuriating Johnny.

Franco comes to Alexis' office, she doesn't know who he is.

Luke leaves the Q household when Tracy won't forgive him.

Helena, the baby snatcher, again?
Nikolas and Lucky go after Helena together.

Patrick is close to losing it when his patient dies during the hospital lockdown.

Wedding bell plans sooner than later?

As always in Rumorville...believe it...or not.