Rumorville: For weeks now, rumors have been swirling about the possibility of one or more Quartermaines returning (beyond Monica).  On Tuesday's episode, Eddie Q. and Carly did some name dropping regarding Edward's potential heirs beyond Michael. Predictably, Dillon and Ned were mentioned, but it was the last person mentioned (and whether he had any offspring) that should have us all sitting up and taking notice...Jimmy Lee Holt.

Jimmy Lee,
played by Steve Bond. was another illegitimate son of Edward Q (originally played by David Lewis),  He appears in two of the GH videos that are currently up in the sidebar of our forum.

Steve Bond, in 2004 & 2007, above.

Steve during the mid-80's, below.

Will Carly decide to try to track down Jimmy Lee?

You can learn about Jimmy Lee in our Character History section.