#Whilewewatch, a 40 minute Documentary short, is the gripping portrait of the Occupy Wall Street media revolution. Citizens came together at Zuccotti Park with energy, intelligence and guts to impassion their message. Director Kevin Breslin's passionate, raw and sensitive inside story,."Shows us what democracy looks like."

The film discovers the Occupy Wall St media team who had no fear of a critical city government, big corporations, hostile police, or a lagging main stream media to tell their story. Through rain, snow, grueling days, sleeping on concrete; they pump out exhilarating ideas to the world. Fueled with little money, they rely on the power of Twitter, texting, Wi-Fi, posters, Tumblr, live streams, YouTube, Facebook, dramatic marches, drumbeats and chants. We witness a new dawn with the power of social media.

Director's Note:  "Zuccotti Park was loud, dirty, wet, cold and exhilaratingly alive with passion and energy. Intelligence, imagination, information and raw emotion ruled every second! I witnessed the birth of a line that will go down in history, "We are the 99%."

The people in this film are genuinely decent. They all are immensely bright. They are kind, tough and loaded with the belief, this is what being an American citizen is about."

I will keep you updated and let you know when the entire film is available. Meanwhile, here is a link to the trailer of this documentary: #Whilewewatch