Protesters at Occupy Wall Street on October 5th, answer the question:  What brought you here today?

Roger Lattanzil, Computer Programmer
"I’m here to try and make sure that business and government stay separate. It sickens me that our own leaders, our own government is so bought out that I owe $120,00 for college, everyone around me is laid off, and computer-programming jobs are going to India. You can’t win, they never stop, no matter how hard you try. I want my government back. Business should be separate from government, like church and state."

Gary Goff,  Communication and Computers for New York City’s Department of Finance
"I think it’s great what the Occupy Wall Street people are doing: they’ve captured the imagination of the country, they’re pointing their fingers at the right people. They are saying that there is a class war going on, and working people are losing, and this is wrong. They’ve taken their inspiration from Arab Spring, and I think that that’s good. It’s a movement that’s evolving, that’s changing. Democracy’s messy, and this is a form of democracy."

Silver Tyler, Business Writer and Museum Employee
"I think the inequities in our society have reached a point where it’s hard to believe. It’s astounding. Everybody knows most of the statistics: the 1%, how they have the majority of wealth in this country. That there are 400 people in the United States that have more than 150 million others combined. That one-fifth of New Yorkers are at or below the poverty level."

Nina Klipeel, 82
"Wake up! Wake up from the American Dream!"

David Crant, 55, Affiliation: Local 1199, Health Care Union
"I think the problems of the country boil down to the problems of the vast inequality of wealth, the power of those in the financial sector, and we need to fight for a more fair economy for everybody."

Obinna Lewis, 36
"We need jobs, we don’t need more bailouts. The banks need to invest in jobs and small businesses, not sit on millions and trillions of dollars to put on the sideline or invest overseas."

Jennifer Lee, 20, Student
"I’m sick of tuition going up, school quality going down, and bankers getting all the money. Please start taxing the millionaires fairly so that everyone else can have a chance!"

Emanuel Janvier, Teacher and Member of the Humanist Party
"Our message is that you have to stop with corporate greed run amok. It screwed our economy: we have 11 % unemployment in New York state alone. Things need to change. We need to hold Wall Street accountable, or we’re all going to get screwed."

Julie Finch, “Just turned 70,”
I’m horrified that so many homes in America have been foreclosed, that so many people are out of work, and I’m here to do something about it."

Sam Cohen, 28, Doctor in Bronx Hospital
"I think it’s the incredible that there’s so many people out to support the cause of being part of the 99 %."

Alan Ginet, 49, Labor Organizer
"I represent one of many. We represent 97 different unions and several million workers across the United States. We joined up because, not to put to fine a point on it, they’ve been porking us for years. If you’re two days late on paying your credit card, your interest goes up 35% . What is that about?"

Michael Cantwell, Attorney
"What brought you down here today? "To support the people in the park. To march for a new revival of the Glass-Steagall Act, a financial transaction tax, and an end to the carried income exemption that allows hedge fund managers to pay 15 % tax as capital gains when people flipping burgers at McDonald’s pay more than that."

Charles Helms, Assistant to the President of the Hudson County Labor Counsel
"I’m here for America’s children. If we don’t bring down the corporations a few steps, the rich a few steps, and the banks a few steps, there will be nothing left for the next generation."