The shill politicians that represent the Republican Party today are nothing more than hollow puppets for groups like the Koch Brothers American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), Grover Norquist’s group Americans For Prosperity and others that facilitate a movement of wealth. While those on the far right accuse Obama and Democrats of being socialists and wanting income re-distribution, it has already occurred. Some of us have tried to illustrate how the wealth in the United States has been flowing upwards, but you’ve never seen it illustrated like this.

Once you see this, you’ll want EVERYONE to see it. SHARE THIS WIDELY. Make sure your Republican friends and family see it, too. And then ask them how they can continue to support a party that continues to destroy the middle class for the benefit of the 1%.

What is wrong with cutting off tax payer subsidies to corporations and big banks who are making record breaking profits and not creating jobs, all the while sitting on, collectively, trillions of dollars of cash? Why are Republicans willing to sustain the culture of dependency with corporate welfare, but fighting the culture of dependency with social assistance programs?

What is wrong with closing tax loopholes that allow people and corporations to send billions of dollars offshore to avoid most, if not all, taxes? What is wrong with closing tax loopholes to companies who offshore millions of jobs or loopholes that allow corporations to set up a small office with a table and a lawn chair, calling it their corporate office in one state that has lower taxes while their real operations are in another state?

What is wrong with imposing a tax on financial transactions? Hedgefund managers make most of their money from commissions on quick financial transactions, betting against our economy, and don't have to pay a dime on taxes on those transactions. This amounts to billions of dollars.

How many Americans are aware that the $83 billion in subsidies the government gives to profitable banks is equal to the first wave of Sequester cuts?

Closing ridiculous loopholes like those listed above, and changing the tax policies on unearned income are not actually "raising" taxes, and in fact, was part of Romney's platform when he ran for President.

You might also note that taxes on the wealthy were much higher during Clinton's term and we had very few unemployment issues, and the economy soared meteorically. We all look fondly on the prosperity of the 90s but in doing so, we must also look at the effective tax rates during that period. They were considerably higher. Clinton used a combination of spending cuts AND raised taxes to give us a budget surplus.

Taxes are necessary for many reasons including maintaining our military, educating our children, helping small businesses, providing public assistance, research and development, building our roads and infrastructure, and thousands of other things.

There is plenty of spending that can be cut in this country, but we don't need to protect expensive tax loopholes that protect the wealthiest at the expense of a shrinking middle class, the working poor, the elderly, children, and the disabled.

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