The Senate will soon vote on a bill that would let big corporations censor websites at will.

The bill — the Protect IP Act, or PIPA (S. 968) — is intended to stop online copyright piracy (just like SOPA, its cousin in the House). But PIPA’s authority is so broad it would give corporations unprecedented power to abuse our Internet freedoms. .

In the last month, more than one million people have told Congress to reject PIPA and SOPA..

But we need to keep pushing. Join more than a dozen organizations and millions of internet users to stop PIPA — a bill that would introduce widespread online censorship, threaten the very existence of thousands of websites and businesses, and even put people in prison for accessing certain content online.

Our senators must respond to the massive public outcry. The consequences for passing such a bill are too dangerous to comprehend. Please call your senators now and tell them to stop PIPA. . In addition, sign the following petition to Stop American Censorship of the Internet /Stop SOPA. If the link doesn't work for you, copy an paste this URL into your browser: