Republican policies do not work. We have tried them every which way and they fail each time. They didn’t work just before the Great Depression. They didn't work under the Bush administration which caused the Great Recession. They are failing in  states with Republican governers such as Georgia, Kansas, Maine, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and New Jersey who have slashed taxes for the wealthy and corporations and are now in deep financial trouble. The problem isn't that these governors failed to implement their promises of tax cutting, union busting and budget slashing, all in the name of economic recovery; some did all three. The problem is that those policies have failed to deliver the improving jobs and incomes that were supposed to flow from "conservative" governance. In fact, excessive and imbalanced tax cuts- skewed to benefit the wealthy-, resulted in lowered state credit ratings, bottom of the barrel job growth and ruined state budgets. These are like a microcosm for the country. We are supposed to be shocked because it proved to be a failing policy at the state level? 

Texas seems like an economic outlier, at least on the surface, but if one looks deeper there is more to it than meets the eye. Texas has the advantage of large oil/gas reserves accompanied by federal subsidies to support the industry, lots of cheap open land, ports (mostly paid for by the federal government at a time they acknowledged the importance of infrastructure), and huge DOD funding for bases and various defense projects. Texas is the giant, sucking, welfare state of the country. Take away the federal subsidies and Texas would look quite different.  Even many of the recent jobs "created" in Texas are not created. They are simply stolen from other states as the Texas Governor gifts corporations better tax deals (meaning that the average Texan must take up the slack in their own local, sales and property taxes). As a "bonus", these relocated jobs pay their employees less and have reduced or no benefits. and no job security --Texas being a "right to work" state-- (plus less safety regulations for employees and the surrounding communities). Things in Texas are far from as giddy and grand as perceived. Like the other states mentioned above, economic benefits are only being seen by a few. Meanwhile, education/health services, social supports, etc., continue to be slashed despite the growing need. Due to the decrease in revenue income from corporations, wannabe Governor/current Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is spending millions fighting the federal government due to Texas' unconstitutional legislation to cut public education funds by $5.4 Billion!  All of the economic gains are going straight to the rich and Texas families are suffering as a result.

To those of you who want to send Republican Senators to represent you and who want to implement those same policies, Spoiler alert: it won't work. It has never worked. It is time the country grew up and accepted the responsibility for putting these sponsored hacks into office.

If you vote for small government, that translates into voting for less regulations on the entities who want to make it easier to prey upon you and harder for you to get justice when they do. If you vote for trickledown economics and haven’t been trickled on after all these years, you may be part of the problem. You also are responsible for the terrible wealth gap and the stagnating wages, the slipping middle class in this country, environmental destruction, and a depressing legacy for our children. 

Turns out when you give all the money/tax breaks to the wealthy, corporations, and investor class, by golly they keep it for themselves. If we haven’t figured that out by now…


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