In the video below, Oakland California Police in riot gear fire flash grenades, tear gas and rubber bullets at a group of 1,000 peaceful demonstrators outside of City Hall on 14th St and Broadway on October 25th. The demonstrators were protesting the violent police assault on the Occupy Oakland encampment earlier that day that resulted in several protesters having bones broken and one protester hospitalized due to injuries from a police assault.  Among them were veterans carrying Veterans for Peace flags, senior citizens, and teachers carrying banners protesting police violence (photo, above). 500 police from 10 departments attacked both Occupy Oakland camps and destroyed them (in Oscar Grant Plaza and in Snow Park).

This individual nearly had his eye put out by a rubber bullet fired by police.

A spokesman for Highland General Hospital in Oakland confirmed that U.S. Marine, Scott Olsen, who served two tours in Iraq, remained in critical condition with swelling to his brain after he was wounded during the protest. He was struck in the head by a tear gas canister fired by the police.  One has to marvel at the irony of it all.

Police continue to violate citizen's first amendment rights to peacefully assemble in cities throughout the United States.