Thousands of Occupy Wall Street protesters streamed back into Zuccotti Park late Tuesday, November 15th, less than 24 hours after police forcibly removed them from their camp. Among the more than 200 people arrested earlier that morning was Ydanis Rodriguez, a New York City Council member. He was there advocating for his constituents, as were other council members at the time of the raid.  City Council Member Jumaane Williams tweeted that his fellow city council member, Rodriguez, was hit by police during his arrest [and was seen on livestream bleeding from the head].  As of this posting, most the those 200 arrested are still being held. There is speculation that they are under a 72 hour hold in order to undermine the International Day of Action demonstrations planned for November 17th which include a planned march on Wall St. Many of those arrested were the "core" occupiers, the strongest voices within the Occupy Wall St  movement in NYC.

The following message was agreed upon by a group of occupiers, imprisoned by the NYPD at the behest of Billionaire Michael Bloomberg,, and relayed to members of the Legal Working Group of Occupy Wall St.:

"While we've been imprisoned here we've held Assemblies and Mic Checked corrections officers to attend to urgent medical conditions, some of which were the result of police brutality during the raids. There is no food except for bread, no cleanliness, no hygiene, no waters, no showers...We do not know what we have been charged with...We want freedom!"

Other OWS protesters in NYC are taking a respite on this rainy day in order to recoup in preparation of Thursday's events, as others have gathered indoors at an indoor public space nearby for planning meetings.

Meanwhile, in OccupyCA at Berkley, thousands are encamped in support of the 99%, and a march is taking place today in San Francisco. Thus far, the police are leaving them alone. Other occupations remain in full force throughout the United States and the world.

For details on the November 17th International Day of Action go here:
Day of Action: