The weekend of September 30th, marchers rallied and took to the streets of Boston, Mass., to protest the banksters.  Over 3,000 people carried colorful banners and banged drums to confront the nation's largest lenders for their role in the economic crisis.  The march and civil disobedience action signals a growing popular outrage at the big banks, and comes as Bank of America announces their new policy of charging customers an annual $60 fee for using their debit cards.  The bank has also ramped up foreclosures on distressed homeowners in recent weeks, despite receiving $4.2 Billion in tax refunds from the U.S. government this year.  The action was organized by the Right to the City Alliance, an urban movement for economic justice, and is part of a rapidly growing movement to hold Wall Street accountable.  For more information go to

Meanwhile, 800 marchers were arrested in NYC at the Brooklyn Bridge for blocking the roadway, were given citations and released.

Below is video from the Take Back Boston event.